What is AuraTransformation™?

What kind of treatment is this!?

I will give you my simplified version of it because I believe parts of this is best in small portions. If and when you want more deeper information (which I do recommend) feel free to visit the official webpage www.auratransformation.com or .se here you have all the deeper explanations of the New Energy, Crystal and Golden energy. Books and articles.

AuraTransformation™ is an energy treatment. Upgrading your energy system to be more fitting in the new fast moving frequency energies here on earth. The New Time energy.

Personally I felt it was very abstract, to start with, but reading the book Balance on all levels, by the founder of AuraTransformation™ Anni Sennov, gave me so much understanding and answers to why I was feeling so incredibly bad, drained and why I had to have my AuraTransformation™ fast!

An AuraTransformation™ is an upgrade of your energy system, also called your aura. From Soul aura to Crystal aura. In the old seven chakra system the way from thought to action has to go trough all seven chakras and if we have a stagnation in one of them our action can actually end up not happening at all and we wake up wondering why we didn’t take action. This is what I actually worked with in my yoga, where flow in the energy system is created by the positions (Asanas) of yoga. When we have the New energy or Crystal energy, all of our chakras is consentrated in one. All actions go faster from mind to body.

There are a lot of different benefits that comes with this but one of the big ones for me was that it gives you an direct protection from other peoples energies. Not directly getting effected by peoples low frequency energies or “bad vibes”.

Your go from having your soul/spirit on the outside of your body to integrating your spirit into your physical body.
Giving protection from other people draining your energy, giving your body a completely new dimension of energy to act on your ideas, a stronger intuition since you now are directly connected to spirit. A fast track from mind to matter, from thought to action.

To try to do this, before I had my AuraTransformation™, I had to meditate. This is how I went “outside” of my body to find answers and now the answers are a part of me and WAY stronger then ever.
This treatment is permanent and absolutely life changing in my meaning. Strengthening your intuition, charisma and sense of self. You reach a higher consciousness and for a lot of people it’s the first time they “feel” themselves fully.

AuraTransformation™ is not just a healing method but a tool to move from thought to action faster. Your power to manifest your life gets stronger.
An AuraTransformation™ is not a quick fix for all of life’s problems but it does give you an opening to reclaim your own power. Taking responsibility for your own life and take control over choices and actions.
It just makes the transition much easier somehow and it is a jumpstart.

My explanation to my self was that it’s a spring cleaning, a total energy reboot.   To start fresh, a new beginning without emotional disturbance and distractions in my energy system put there by life, emotional traumas and hardships. They are being cleaned out!

An AuraTransformation™ can only be carried out by a qualified Aura Mediator™. The Aura Mediator™ works with pure balanced energy and during the treatment the seven chakra energy system is being changed and concentrated in to a one chakra energy system more suited for the New time energy.

Before having this treatment it’s mandatory (and needed) to read all of, or specific parts of, the book “Balance on all levels” by Anni Sennov.
The book gives you an understanding of the treatment and after reading it you will know if you are ready, and want or don’t want to have this treatment. You can order the book here or by contact with me.

This part I love! I will not have to tell you if this is right for you.
You will feel it. -“This,I have to do” or “I need/want this”
Cause this does not come from me. This is from your higher self letting you know it’s time to “come home”.

AuraTransformation™ Had it’s start in Denmark in 1996 and since then it’s had a wide spread especially in Scandinavia. The founder is Anni Sennov.

Personally I can say all of this can’t be explained in words it needs to be experienced to be understood.

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