Don’t wanna starve the energy starvation!

No I can’t do this anymore!!! 

To feel like crap and not even knowing why…. be happy one moment and the next feeling nauseous with a killing headache.

An environmental impact that we can’t really put our finger on. Energies… bad vibes.. places, people and environments that just “feel wrong”. Or that wonderful person we need to see to “recharge” our energy system…

We are all guilty of wanting to hang out with some people only because they give us energy.

No!! I wanna keep my energy for myself and for me!!!

I had enough. I needed my own energy… to not starve the energy starvation… 

-“ but you’re a mother now…. that’s how it is….”

But does it really have to be that way? ? 😳

Well yes…. until we take responsibility for what we spend our energy on!

I’ve been back and forth … zikzak, running into mines and stepping totally of road…

Slowly I’m starting to understand what this treatment has given me and is till giving me!!!! AuraTransformation™

To dare to really follow my heart. Slow and steadily taking steps toward a life worth living. To me!

Will I get off road again? Making the wrong decisions? Definitely!! Guaranteed *laughter*

There is more to be learnt. And its definitely not always easy but once and awhile it feels worth it. 💜💜💜💜🙏🏻

Don’t wait…. we can’t afford to feel like crap, be depressed or waste our energies in places, with people and things that doesn’t give us good energies in return.

It should feed our happy vibes 🌸 

Take control. Rome wasn’t built in one day… and today it’s still there!

And it can be kind of fun and interesting at times 😉

Lovely energy and good vibes in the dark autumn 🍂 

Cecilia Falkesand Langer

Auramediator™ and feel amazing guide 💜 


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