Dream intelligence Coaching

The DI coaching technique I use is all about waking up the dreamer. Moving out of stagnation and fatigue. Creating a flow and movement that gives us an understanding of the choices we’ve made that might have, and normally does, kill our life passion and glow. As kids we are natural dreamers and then somehow most of us lose that.

We work trough techniques and tools that help you to intellectually understand your dreamer and get back up and come closer to your passions and the faith that life can be filled with happiness and total joy. It’s not always an easy ride! And I do warn about the sudden ” slap in the face” moments… But when life is our own responsibility and under our own control it’s all in our hands to make the most out of it and THAT is freedom.

This is an amazing start for you who might not feel that you are ready to jump at an AuraTransformation™ right away.

You might prefer to understand your own energy and how it effects your life and why. A lot of us these days get affected by other peoples energies and, if it is really unlucky, their ”bad vibes” to. It can affect us really strongly in the wrong direction.

You can choose only Coaching or Coaching with an included AuraTransformation™

The journey starts with you, for you and definitely for your family.

Read more at What is an AuraTransformation™ here and book a 30 min consultation here.