About Cecilia

Hi I was born in 1982 in beautiful Gothenburg, Sweden and during my life the stage has been my favoriter place or more like home. Both as an musical artist and fitness instructor and later in sales presentations and management.

With a lot of different heavy experiences in my past I have lived to learn and grow from my experiences and obstacles and today it’s my strongest tool in helping others. I’ve been coaching since I can remember both consciously and unconsciously. With time I’ve added on other angles to wellbeing like Yoga, AuraTransformation™ and soon also NLP ( Neuro-linguistic programming)

For the moment I live with my family in Sweden, Europe but also give treatments in Spain and mentor/coach online in other parts of Europe and also in the US.

A life in constant movement and development is my motto. I believe that life is here to be explored and with that change is constant and we’re never done growing. Everything starts from within and with our own personal development. Taking on a coach is an investment in your future self.

In 2013 I had my first Crystal child and in 2014 my second. Life came to a sudden halt, which gave me time and the opportunity to dig deeper into yoga, personal development and all the worlds philosophies about the law of attraction and our own power to create our environment. Kids has been my greatest challenge. From moving and constantly being in action I had to stop and put down roots.

In 2015 I was introduced to AuraTransformation™. It became the answer to what I’ve been waiting and looking for. With two Crystals in my life I was drained on energy and was looking for a solution to my fatigue and total lack of drive and a lot of apathy. It was a new tough time that I, thanks to AuraTransformation™, turned into something absolutely fantastic.

Now I am passionate about giving people lasting change and improvement that it actually means with getting an AuraTransformation™ but also with my Dream intelligence coaching system, NLP and Yoga as tools to strengthen and help in the journey to balance in life. On ALL levels.

Having my AuraTransformation™ ,in my own words, was like coming home.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me.
One leap of faith can turn your whole world around.

Best of energy and love

Cecilia Falkesand

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